About Underdecking

Underdecking systems are a recently new and innovative product for the home improvement industry. It involves the installation of seamless and watertight panels under your existing deck that help collect the water that fall through the decks slats. The water is then diverted away from the deck and into a gutter system that releases it away from the house and patio. Underdecking allows the homeowner to turn the existing space under their deck into a beautiful, usable and functional outdoor living space that can be a retreat for the entire family.

photo1-mdFor today’s house, the outdoor living space needs to accommodate a full range of activities that equal those inside of your house. Homeowners want to be able to cook, read, relax, and entertain family and guests inside and out. Our Rain Tight Deck System will allow you to do all that and more no matter what the weather is outside.

Our RainTight Deck system gives a low profile, streamline finish that creates a ceiling below the joists of your deck. Our panels and gutters are all seamless, smooth-finished 100% aluminum that is virtually maintenance free and will last a lifetime. With our product, you will not have to worry about rust, deterioration, fading, or sagging panels due to all extremes of weather.

By using our strong and durable Rain Tight Deck system, it allows a homeowner to install ceiling fans, lights, speakers, video electronics and furniture under their existing deck. Imagine coming home from a long day at work and enjoying watching the game on your outdoor TV or having friends and family sitting around and enjoying a cool summers night, without having to worry if a light rain is on the horizon.

photo2-mdOur Rain Tight Deck systems will not only open up these opportunities for you, but it will also add extra living space and re-sale value to your home, which is essential in a tough real estate market.

You can also customize your panels, so that it will match your current outdoor color scheme. We have five colors available; Degree White, Linen/Shell, Coastal Dune, Sierra/Natural Clay and Bronze. These colors are baked onto the aluminum and not painted, therefore you don’t have to worry about them fading in the future.